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"Common sense" also has at least two specifically philosophical meanings. One is a capability of the animal soul (Greek psukhē) proposed by Aristotle, which enables different individual senses to collectively perceive the characteristics of physical things such as movement and size, which all physical things have in
Observing that other animals must be able to perform such operations, and being unprepared to ascribe any share in rationality to them, Aristotle explained such operations with reference to a higher-order perceptual capacity which unites and monitors the five senses. This capacity is known as the 'common sense' (koine
appealing to Aristotle, decides that truth about the universe is embodied in the language of common sense ... his title, Essays in Common Sense Philosophy, because he does not unduly affront the plain man, or thinks he does ... 1 Hazlitt's Essay on Genius and Common Sense. 2 Rules for the Direction of the Mind, Trans.
Free Essay: How self-sufficiency is natural is not something the man seems to want to delve into. ... In "The Politics", Aristotle would have us believe that man by nature is a political animal. .... As one reads though the translations of Aristotle's thoughts, you begin to realize the complexity, yet the common sense of his work.
In Book 3 of De Anima Aristotle posited that in addition to the five basic senses there must be a sixth or common sense that can perceive what he called 'common .... idea, but that of the Philadelphia doctor Benjamin Rush, who had studied medicine at Edinburgh, and who wrote his own essay, 'Thoughts on Common Sense'.
The latter group of subjects is of common interest and appeal to a wide audience. This is one reason why he is considered a common-sense philosopher. Also, during 3rd century BC, no advanced methods of logical deductions were devised yet. As a result, Aristotle had to employ simpler methods bordering on
Aquinas later translated Aristotle's koine aesthesis as sensus communis, the Latin basis of our English “common sense. ... 20 The meanings of humanitas, Bugter says, correspond closely to the four connotations of sensus communis that C. S. Lewis delineates in his essay on “Sense” in Studies in Words: (1) “the elementary
to refer to Aristotle's common sense as the principle of consciousness. 18 Locke argued that our ... In his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, John Locke argued that "use" allows us to see that the "plane variously coloured," like a painting on our retina, is really the convex surface of a sphere. In elaboration of this
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Knowledge of what is true and what is false will conventionally begin here. But this is to confuse and disguise the issue, not to solve it. 17. (247) [Aristotle's common sense] This was Aristotle's theory: in the human being, there is something called common sense which judges sensations. It alone can do this because it alone

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