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Using the Four Causes and the Prime Mover, Aristotle is attempting to explain the ontology of the universe (the nature of stuff, or “matter”) through a logical .... This essay is in the shape of an essay; it has a title, is structured in paragraphs, and the sentences make sense and are relevant to the question being asked.
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Read this full essay on Explain Aristotle's Concept of the Prime Mover. Pippa Williams 12/10/14Explain Aristotle's Concept of the Prime MoverThe great Italia...
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Free Essay: This, although symbolic as a parallel between a Judaeo Christian thinking and the teachings of Aristotle, is also a significant difference...
According to Aristotle the prime mover exists by necessity, i.e. not failing to exist. The prime mover is not capable of change and so Aristotle says that it is pure actuality by nature, and so its nature is good. The reason for this is the lack of goodness means you can do better, meaning you can change. Something that is pure
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Aristotle argued that behind every movement there must be a chain of events that brought about the movement that we see taking place. Aristotle argued that this chain of events must lead back to something which moves but is itself unmoved. This is referred to as the Prime Mover. In Aristotle's view change is eternal.
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