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There are only scraps of his work On Education, however we can get a picture of his ideas from surviving works. Aristotle believed that education was central – the fulfilled person was an educated person. Here I want to focus on those elements of his thought that continue to play a key part in theorizing informal education.
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Plato viewed realty as taking place in the mind but Aristotle viewed realty is tangible. Even though Aristotle termed reality as concrete, he stated that reality does not make sense or exist until the mind process it. Therefore truth is dependent upon a person's mind and external factors. According to Aristotle, things are seen as
Aristotle essays Aristotle was a Greek Philosopher and a very educated man. He was a pupil of Plato's and was the founder of the Lyceum. His view on all subjects was teleological. He recognized purposes apart from and greater then the will of the individual human being. He gained much of.
Everyone's fate becomes intimately tied to the the fate of their polis. Aristotle asks who is more efficient one person or a well-organized body of people. He answers, that an educated, well organized body of people bound together by common goals and vision has distinct advantage over any one person deciding the affairs
I4 ARISTOTLE ON THE IMAGINATION MALCOLM. SCHOFIELD Introduction EveRY educated man knows that Aristotle invented logic. It is not so widely known that he contests with Plato' the distinction of having discovered the imagination. Men imagined things, just as they argued correctly and incorrectly, before the birth
One might think that only an expert doctor "should judge whether or not someone has treated a disease correctly," but, in Aristotle's view, an educated person who has studied medicine "as part of his general education" is also capable of judging such questions (Polit. 1282a3-7). In the De Partibus Animalium, the scope of
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